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Mark Hawthorne

The Way of the Rabbit - by Mark Hawthorne

The Way of the Rabbit - by Mark Hawthorne

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'This very informative and in-depth book about rabbits has some excellent and entertaining chapters on the rabbit in art, literature, myth, and popular culture, which I particularly enjoyed.'Libby Joy | The Beatrix Potter Society

An Affectionate History of Nature's Most Surprising Species.
Independent and resourceful, rabbits represent balance, rebirth, speed, fertility, resurrection, abundance, creativity, magic, and harmony. Yet they are much more than symbols, they are unique individuals with complex inner lives. InΒ The Way of the Rabbit, Mark Hawthorne immerses himself in their world, exploring their habitats and evolution, their role in legend and literature, their place in popular culture, their fascinating biology, and, of course, their significance as household companions. It’s an entertaining journey through myth and history that celebrates the rabbit’s spirit, courage, friendships, and playfulness.

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