About Rabbit Retail

Hi fellow bunny lover. My name is Anna and I am a crazy rabbit lady. Rabbit Retail is my fifth baby (after my four house rabbits). I started this shop for a few reasons.

First, to improve the selection of rabbit approved products available for bunny lovers. Often in larger pet shops bunnies are referred to as a "small animal" and grouped with rats, hamsters and guinea pigs. Rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents, and have complex needs. Many food items that are safe for other small animals are not okay for bunnies, such as corn, honey or seeds. I have spent so much time reading labels and researching to find food, treats and toys that are suitable for my fur babies; I thought I should put this knowledge to good use. You can shop at Rabbit Retail with confidence knowing that all the products sold here for rabbits are rabbit safe.

Secondly, I wanted a place that bunny lovers could go to buy bunny related items. I joined a facebook group where people post the latest bunny themed items they've found. Thats when I thought, wouldn't it be so cool if there was a one stop shop for all these kinds of products!

One of my friends was amazed that at a busy games expo at the NEC, I could spot a bunny t-shirt from a couple of stands away. It is with this keen eye for a rabbit related item that I've grown the Bun of a Kind range; a selection of one off, pre-loved or rare bunny items. 

Lastly, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was diagnosed with this illness just a month after completing my degree in Economics. My life changed dramatically, I spent two years being unable to do much of anything. But every day my little rabbits kept me company; we have afternoon nap time together, my boyfriend says its rather funny walking in the lounge and we are all fast asleep. Having my own business means I can look after my health, take a nap (or two) when I need and gives me the chance to work on something meaningful to me and my rabbits. 

I hope you enjoy shopping at my one hop shop for you and your bunny, this really is a dream come true.

Thank you,

Anna xx