Collection: For Bunny

All the things your bunny could ever want - except spicy hay.

Rabbit Safe and Approved

At Rabbit Retail bunnies come first. Everything 'for bunny' is for bunnies! You can shop for your rabbit with confidence. Many of the rabbit toys are made from natural resources, with no glue or toxic dyes. Food is 100% rabbit safe, with no harmful ingredients, dyes or additives. The rabbit treats are approved by my own rabbits and are free from honey, seeds and corn; common ingredients in many small animal foods.

Eco-Friendly Rabbit Supplies

At Rabbit Retail, we are doing our best to reduce your rabbit's environmental pawprint. We stock many eco rabbit supplies, such as litter boxes and food bowls made from bamboo and other plant materials. We also sell adorable pet beds made from recycled plastic. The two types of litter we stock are fully biodegradable, along with many of the chew toys.