Collection: Rainbow Rabbit Rescue 🌈

Did you know we have a rescue? I didn't until suddenly we had 11 rabbits in need of neutering and vaccinating. We also had taken on 4 rabbits before. Rescues around the country are full and there was no space for these bunnies, so we opened Rainbow Rabbit Rescue.Β 

Rainbow was a tiny baby bunny we took in first before we were officially a rescue. Little Rainbow was very poorly and passed away after three days of love and cuddles from everyone that met him. Rainbow lives on as the name of our rescue.

We are currently raising funds for Dove an older boy looking for his retirement home, and Daisy, an OG Rainbow bunny that needs medical care for mites and a respiratory infection. Both bunnies are staying with @thoseoldpetsΒ 

The items in this collection contribute toΒ the care of bunnies at Rainbow Rabbit Rescue.

I have been overwhelmed by the support of customers and suppliers, thank you. Anna xx