Rabbit Retail staff member Sprinkles, a long-furred, black and white smol bunny, sits in the Rosewood Chill n Snooze Bed as her colleague Marshmallow, a white lop-eared bun looks on from amidst red and silver tinsel.
Rosewood chill n snooze bed, an oblong woven basket with dip on one size.
Snazzy close up of Rosewood chill n snooze bed showing texture of the woven water hyacinth over rattan frame.

Chill n Snooze Bed

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Perfect for napping and chewing. Both are favourite pastimes for a bunny.

Made from water hyacinth and rattan. No glue, plastic or metal.

Size: 33cm x 26cm

This item is also available in The Bun-dle Basket.

Sprinkles the bunny not included!

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