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Brown Hare Terracotta Tile

Brown Hare Terracotta Tile

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This terracotta tile made in Bath is perfect for hare lovers.Β The brown hare is thought to have been introduced to Britain in Roman times. It has become widespread and is one of the common animals to be spotted in fields on the edges of woodlands. Their main diet is tender grass shoots including cereal crops. They shelter in depressions rather than burrows. If disturbed they can be seen bounding at speed across fields, propelled along by their powerful hind legs. In spring during the breeding season, the females can be spotted β€˜boxing’ prospective partners and they can rear three to four litters a year.

Dimensions: 9.8cm x 9.7cm

The hole for fixingΒ is located at the top of the tile. These tiles are suitable for hanging indoors or outdoors. They are not floor tiles. The tiles are frost-resistant, but it is not recommended to hang outside where they will face a deluge of water.Β 

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