Collection: Burgess Excel

Burgess is an independent family-run UK business. Burgess Excel is their range of specially selected items for small fluffies, suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and gerbils.Β 

Burgess Excel Treats fit with Rabbit Retail's that all treats are free from sugar, additive-free and are all natural.

Burgess led the campaign to move away fromΒ muesli-style mixesΒ for rabbits as these encourage selective eating and were not good for rabbits. Burgess Excel for Adult Rabbit with mint food is the perfect supplement to a rabbit's diet as it is high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.Β 

Burgess Excel has recently launched their own hay boxes, with Timothy Feeding Hay being a best seller. The 4.5KG boxes are plastic free.