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Rabbit Slicker Brush

Rabbit Slicker Brush

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This brush is perfectly sized for rabbits (and other small animals). It gently removes dirt and loose fur from yourΒ bunny's coat to leave them with healthy, shiny fur - and your furniture fur-free!

This brush is great for bunnies with longer fur, like lionhead breeds, as the thin pins penetrate the coat, gently easing tangles while the rounded-end pins ensure yourΒ bunnyΒ remains comfortable.

This guide by The House Rabbit Society, explains how to groom a rabbit. It is important to brush a bunny regularly to stop them from ingesting fur. Unlike cats rabbits cannot throw up hairballs, instead, they can create a painful and possibly fatal blockage.

Size: 12cm

This item is available in The Rabbit Detailing Grooming Bun-dle

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