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Flatpack Giant Bunny 2 Ramp Castle

Flatpack Giant Bunny 2 Ramp Castle

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Now giant bunnies can have a castle! 

Fit for Rabbit Royalty, any bunny King or Queen will love this castle. 


Turrets: 42cm x 40cm x 75cm
Bridge: 50cm 
Door Opening: 22cm

This item has been designed for larger buns (French Lops and Continental Giants) It comes full sanded and ready to build. You will only need a screwdriver or drill to hand, to screw on the bridge and ramps to your castle turrets. All sides are interlocked with wooden locks. When building, attach the middle platform and top platform to the front and back wall, add the left and right wall on (like building a 3D puzzle) and then place the tabs on to lock into place!) screw ramps onto the tab that is attached to the front of the castle, and attach the bridge to the 2 panels that stick out in the middle, with two screws on each side and each end. use photos for reference

These items are made to order. They come directly from the manufacturer. The lead time is currently 8 weeks.

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