Rabbit Retail's Christmas Gift Guide

Rabbit Retail's Christmas Gift Guide

Rabbit Retail's Christmas Gift Guide For Bunnies and Rabbit Lovers

With one week until the last day to shop here for Christmas presents (20th December), I have put together a gift guide for rabbit lovers and for bunnies at various price points to help any last minute shoppers (tagging my boyfriend in this).

Along with gifts we also have some adorable exclusive Christmas cards based on the Rabbit Retail Rabbits. Cards are Β£2 each or 10 for Β£15.

For Bunny Lovers

Rabbit Themed Gifts - Β£5 or Less

  • DandelionΒ Keyrings
    • Rabbit Retail bunny Dandelion loves an adventure, and who better to look after your keys?

Rabbit Themed Gifts - Β£10 or Less

  • Nihilist Bunnies Zine
    • A little bit of dark humour and existential crisis with adorable bunny drawings make this a fantastic gift for that special someone.
  • Christmas Tree Decorations
    • Wish bunny fans a hoppy holidays with a festive decoration.

Rabbit Themed Gifts - Β£20 or Less

  • The Way of the Rabbit - by Mark Hawthorne
    • A beautifully written book full of rabbit facts, from the history of rabbit origins and the etymology of "bunny" to rabbit representation in media and their lovable nature as pets. The Way of The Rabbit is a must read for any rabbit lover.
  • Field of Bunnies Shadowbox
    • Exclusive handmade art of a summer's day in the countryside from Mummy Bunny Crafts is an adorable gift to brighten up anyone's winter.

Rabbit Themed Gifts - Β£30 or Less

  • Tagua Necklace
    • A classic gift with a bunny and vegan twist. The Tagua necklace is Fairtrade and hand carved.Β The tagua nut is known as "vegan ivory" making this a thoughtful eco gift.Β 

Gifts For Bunnies (and other small fluffies)

Whether the rabbits have been naughty or nice this year, we have something Santa Paws can leave under the tree for your rabbit.Β 

Gifts for Bunnies - Β£5 or less

Gifts for Bunnies - Β£10 or less

  • Christmas Tree Chew Toy
    • Give your bun their own tree to chew! Made from 100% wood with no glue exclusive for Rabbit Retail, this is a fun toy to nibble (and throw).

  • Pop Up Play Tent
    • For the adventurous bunnies, the Pop Up Tent is a fun hide away. It also fits onto the Pop Up Tunnels. Available in two colours and sizes.

Gifts for Bunnies Β - Β£20 or less

  • Seagrass Tunnel - Large
    • A two in one toy. Not only can bunny have stimulated natural play running through this tunnel, it is 100% natural and perfect for nibbling on to keep bunnies teeth in tip top condition.
  • SnuggleSafe Microwave Heated Pad
    • There is nothing nicer than getting all toasty warm. The SnuggleSafe is a microwavable pad which keeps its warmth for 10 hours. It is non-toxic and free from spicy hay (wires) so is great for helping outside buns stay warm or for ill/older rabbits, or for spoiling pampered rabbit overlords (or yourself, it's very cosy).

Gifts for Bunnies Β - Β£30 or less

  • Hoppy Holidays Bun-dle Basket
    • For theΒ nicest of bunnies, the Hoppy Holidays Bun-dle Basket is a pick and mix of 7 festive toys and treats presented in a hamper (the Chill N Snooze Bed).


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