Keeping Bunnies Cool

Rabbits risk heat stroke over 25°C with young, elderly, overweight and ill bunnies being most at risk. Here is our guide to keep your bunnies cool in hot weather. 

Staying Cool 

  • Add water to fresh veggies to keep bunnies hydrated.
  • Use a SnuggleSafe CoolPOD. They are non-toxic, bite-resistant, and no need to freeze! Plus they look like epic surfboards. 
  • Regularly brush rabbits and remove matted fur. Do not shave bunny. Do trim excessive long fur on lionhead and angora breeds though.
  • Keep a supply of fresh water - do not add ice cubes or freeze as this can be a shock to bunny tummies.
  • Keep rabbits in the coolest room, such as bathrooms, during the hottest points of the day.
  • Do not bathe bunnies! This can cause hypothermia as they cannot regulate temperatures. Instead, lightly mist ears with water - the evaporation with cool them gently.
  • Use an A/C Fan or use a fan to blow over cool water. Make sure bunny can move from the draft if they get too cold and that cables are protected from naughty nibblers!!



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