Rabbit Rescue of the Month

Our Rescue of the Month is The Rabbit Rescue and Friends .

"The rescue started itself 6 years ago, when I ‘accidentally’ came home with 11 ex breeding bunnies. In April 2019 my family and the rescue moved from Malvern to Tewkesbury, where we hope to better the bunny accommodation ( as well as our own!! ) I’ve been lucky enough to give up work when my youngest daughter was born 2 yrs ago, and now run the rescue full time, at least until the littlest starts school. My partner, Rich works enough hours for both of us! So I can be here for the bunnies. I’m also super grateful for the wonderful team of volunteers who give up evenings, weekends and possibly a little bit of their sanity, to help me keep all the animals happy, clean, cared for and to those that foster, do vet runs and keep the website updated for me! We’re also lucky enough to have wonderful supporters that help out financially to ensure we can continue our work. Running the rescue is truly a team effort!!"

To learn more about The Rabbit Rescue and Friends, you can find them on Facebook or check out their website

You can also buy their bunnies a treat from their Wishlist or make a donation